The Right Way To Care For Your Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphires are not only beautiful but also extremely durable. In fact, they are second only to diamonds on the Moh’s scale for measuring hardness scoring a handsome 9 out of 10 which means they can only be scratched by another sapphire or a diamond. Sapphires also have no cleavage which means that sapphires are not prone to cracking, chipping or breaking. 

This makes sapphires extremely apt for regular wear since it requires very less maintenance. But as all of us are aware, the accumulation for dirt and grime can make even the rarest and most beautiful stones look dull. However, with a little care you can ensure that your sapphire jewelry remains dazzling every time you wear it. Here’s a quick guide on to care for your sapphire jewelry. 

  • First and foremost, do not wear your sapphire while bathing. Make it a thumb rule to always remove your jewelry before you step inside the bath.
  • Never wear your sapphire jewelry to a swimming pool or the beach. Prolonged exposure to chlorine and saline water can permanently dull the color of your gemstone.
  • Do not store your sapphire jewelry with Diamonds. Diamonds are harder than sapphires. This means that storing them together can lead to visible scratches on your sapphire jewelry if the two accidentally rub together.
  • Do not store sapphire jewelry with other jewelry. Sapphire is extremely hard and will scratch all other jewelry items including gold and silver.
  • Store each sapphire in its own separate box and wrapped in cotton.
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry while cooking since your jewelry might accumulate food particles that are extremely hard to clean.
  • Remove your sapphire jewelry before you apply thick lotions to your skin. It will build up as residue on the jewelry and decolorize the stone over prolonged exposure. 

It is always advised to get your jewelry cleaned by a professional jewelry store since these are assets that hold capital as well as emotional value. But in case you plan on cleaning your jewelry on your own, follow these simple steps:

  • Remove your jewelry and place them on a clean cotton cloth which will be used for cleaning the stone later on.
  • Dip the jewelry in lukewarm water and keep it there for a few minutes. Fresh dirt and accumulated stuff will be removed automatically.
  • If the jewelry has been dirty for a very long time, add a pinch of mild detergent and rinse in the same water.
  • If the jewelry is still dirty, use a tinge of ammonia or vodka. Repeat this process a few times if the dirt still persists. 

Note: If your stone is set in Gold, avoid using ammonia as it will damage the gold. Use soap water instead.

  • Use a cotton cloth to gently rub your blue sapphire jewelry and clean it. 
Although you can use the above described method to clean your stone, it is a best practice to get it cleaned by a trained jeweler as they have the tools to clean these properly.