8 Reasons Why Modern Women Are Choosing Blue Sapphire Fashion Rings


There is a surge in the amount of women that have begun opting for a blue sapphire for their next fashion ring and ditching the traditional diamond-centric trend. Here are 8 countless reasons that will make you rethink if diamonds only are a girl’s best friend.

Sapphires stand out in the crowd

Today, with such a healthy chunk of our lives being shared on social media, women are finding ways to stand out in the crowd. Modern women want to don something unique, and with many defining characteristics such as the sheer range of colors, not two sapphires are alike.

Diamonds can be predictable

For as long as one can remember, diamonds have been portrayed as the only precious stone that is socially acceptable. Fast forward to the year 2021, women around the world are finding ways to rewrite their social moments with different choices. A bold and exciting sapphire is proving itself to be the perfect diamond and is turning heads around the world.

Add a splash of color with a more ethical choice

From a wide range of color options and shades of teal, peach and blue, there are sapphires for everyone’s liking. This colored stone opens the door to showcase one’s personality and artistic flare while also making a bold style statement.

People can see beyond deceiving campaigns

It all began with DeBeers’ ‘A diamond is forever campaign’ and by 1938 diamond was the favored choice of stone for fashion & engagement rings. The demand was so high that if you didn't have a diamond, your love would be deemed real enough. But the crowd has become smarter today and has begun seeing beyond sneaky marketing campaigns.

Colorful stones mean a lot

Sapphires are generally blue which is the color for royalty, nobility, sincerity and wisdom. But you can also find them in yellow, pink brown, purple and red. A red sapphire is called a ruby. Sapphires have been associated with royal blood and romance since ages. Hence the expression Royal Blue. Fun fact: Prince Charles gave Princess Diana a Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring.

Size up within Budget

Sapphires are very reasonably priced in comparison to diamonds. To be precise, Sapphires will be much larger than a diamond of the same price. Modern women can get more from their money at a more affordable price.

Sapphires are as strong as your love bond

Your love deserves a strong and everlasting ring that can also go the distance. Sapphires come from the corundum family and are an amazing 9 out of 10 on the Moh’s scale for measuring hardness. While most other stones may fail the test of time, Sapphires say ‘I do’ to last eternally.

Sapphires are becoming precious

Sapphires are often in the news for being sold at record prices at the world’s top auction houses. The sale of untreated sapphires is also trending upwards as people are getting more aware of the value of untreated sapphires. Modern women investing in a sapphire will appreciate it later on in terms of its value. 

Sapphires are a work of beauty and owning a sapphire will only display your appreciation for beauty. Your sapphire jewelry will fetch compliments everywhere you go.